Parish Council Business

This page details communications from the Parish Council, plus meeting dates, agendas and minutes together with annual financial data. It also contains various policies and procedures relating to how the Council operates.

Parish Council elections 2021

Elections to the Parish Council will take place on 06 May 2021, as part of the broader local council elections. For further information please contact the Parish Clerk at

Meeting Dates (Village residents and other members of the public are welcome at all meetings unless otherwise stated)

Parish Council – 13 May 2021

Village Annual 2021 – 13 May 2021

Meeting Agendas

PPC and Village Annual Meeting agendas 130521 to be published

Meeting Minutes

PPC Minutes 080421

PPC Minutes 140121 signed

PPC Minutes 221020 signed

PPC Minutes 220720 signed

PPC Minutes 030720 signed

PPC Minutes 180320 signed

PPC Minutes 101219 signed

PPC Minutes 170919 signed

PPC Minutes 150519 signed

Minutes Village Annual 150519

Financial Information for year to 31st July 2020

AGAR signed published documents 220720

Policies and Procedures

PPC Financial Regulations – Dec 2019

All the following policies and procedures were reviewed by the Parish Council at its meeting on 10 December 2019 – no changes were made.

PPC Standing Orders – Dec 2018

PPC Code of Conduct – Sept 2018

PPC Investment policy – Dec 2018

PPC Social Media Policy – Dec 2018

PPC Risk Assessment – Dec 2018

PPC General Data Protection Regulations Privacy Policy – May 2018

Councillors Register of Interests

Please follow the link to the Wiltshire Council website